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Thursday, April 14, 2016

omg hi! i just realized that the last post was exactly a year ago! :)
so, i guess life's been all good lately.
even though there aren't many changes (in him) and i have to change alot (for him),
i guess its all worth it.

i have a confession to make.
all these while i've been doing something really wrong.
something which i doubt anyone will be able to forgive.
but somehow i am given a second chance,
so im gonna change and stop doing wrong,
i'm sorry.
i promise i will start anew and try to be the best for you.

so, last day of work tmr til the long weekends!
yay! looking forward to the next two weekend staycations + USS trip + HDL :D
yet another year has passed,
exactly one more week to our forth anniversary.
i love you soooo much baby.
looking forward to our staycations!

and oh, we are most likely gonna apply for BTO next month!
can't wait for the release of prices and stuff,
hopefully everything goes well..

alright, gotta sleep.
nites to whoever's reading.


1:05 AM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

in less than a week's time,
 comes our 3rd anniversary!

many things have changed,
for the better.
feeling happy deep down that i didn't make the wrong choice.
after all those shitty quarrels and breaking down,
we grew stronger,

i love you, baby.
thanks for everything.
we're getting closer to our future.


3:00 AM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Friday, June 20, 2014

its been almost a year since i wrote in this space.
been through really alot, on my own recently.
i guess this is the best place to rant,
i dont really have bestfriends to talk to anyway :(

you will never uds what it is like to be lied to in your face.
i have forgiven, but its really hard for me to forget,
especially when you keep bringing up about the topic every now and then.
you lied for something you enjoy playing,
what about me....?
am i that foolish and worthless to you?

i am really trying not to think about it.
but there are times when you're really not being yourself,
which naturally sets me thinking, being sensative again..
i dont know how long this will last.
probably til we stay together.

its our 26th today,
its gonna be a v special month.
because ive decided to stop trying so hard.
yea its sad.
but i feel the worst when things happen.
i shouldn't always be the one giving.
its time for me to take a step back,
and let you take the lead..
perhaps one day you will show me that its all worth it again,
to put in my best for you.
not saying that im gonna stop doing anything,
but yea, just lesser.

small things matters alot to me.
because relationships are made up of all the small little things.
i have changed for you, accepted you for your mistakes,
forgave you for your wrongs, tolerated your temper and scoldings,
i really, have done alot for you.
the reason why im still here is because,
i still love you, and i know you do too.
i cherish so much the happy times we had tgt.

im just hoping.....that you'll see what are the small issues happening and do smth about it.
also.....don't take me for granted.....

happy 26th baby.
i love you.


9:40 AM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I feel that some things are gonna change.
I feel insecured.
I feel sad when you dont think of me like you used to.
I feel that I am always the one giving, and asking about you.
I feel blessed to have you.
I feel happy whenever we're together.
I know you love me as much as I do.
I guess I have to put certain feelings aside and start trusting you completely,
like from the start.
Once bitten, twice shy.
But I am still gonna gamble my life on you,
take the chance, and,
I should really stop thinking so much.
Find some more meaningful stuffs to do.

Jiayou ba fer.


12:21 PM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

its been a week since you left us.
i still miss you badly.
i do hear your laughter and voices at the back of my head every now and then.
i hope you are happy and carefree now,
wherever you are, please know that you are deeply missed by your family.
rest in peace, gong gong.

1:30 AM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

giving in.
is it that hard?
must you always win?


12:12 AM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.

Monday, November 26, 2012

i lost something very impt to me.
and i'm still feeling very upset over it.
miss it so much :(


11:11 PM
said i'm okay,
but i know how to lie.


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